Commonly Asked Questions

Whats with the turtles?

  • I don’t know. For as long as I can remember I have loved turtles and began collecting live ones from my grandfather’s ranch in Colorado in the early 1950s. Then I noticed everything I chose had turtles (clothes, toys, and later dishes, towels, sheets, etc.) and soon everyone was giving them to me. It’s a great way to ensure that friends and family think about me because they say every time they see a turtle they think of me.

How much does it cost to stay?

  • $165 per night plus state and county tax (11.8%) for one to three guests for each room.

How long have you been here?

  • We moved here in September 2013 but have been coming to Oceanside for a week every summer for eight years.

Why Oceanside?

  • It is a gorgeous place to be year round, somewhat isolated and yet close enough to Portland when we want the benefits of a city.

Why a bed and breakfast?

  • I love to bake and I enjoy having guests so it is perfect for me. We have lived in Montana as well as in Pakistan and St. Kitts and have always had tons of company so even though we didn’t actually run a bed and breakfast, I think it was great training to have ongoing company all those years.

Are there steps at turtlejanes?

  • Yes, there are 14 steps to the front door and there is a flight of stairs from the guest rooms to the dining room.

Do you ever get tired of turtles?

  • Never!

How many turtles do you have?

  • I had 39 live Red Footed Tortoises at our home on St. Kitts in the Caribbean. These tortoises are nearly extinct on the island and I attempted to repopulate the island. In the 16 years we were there, we had over 100 hatchlings. Now all but five are in foster homes (there are still five at our house). As for the decorative turtles you see around the bed and breakfast – I have no idea how many I have. Years ago our daughter counted over 6000 and gave up.